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Run time: 1h 59min | Action, Crime, Drama | Released: October 6, 1995 (USA)

Dead Presidents.jpg

Soldier Anthony Curtis (Larenz Tate) returns to his Bronx home after a nightmarish tour of duty in Vietnam. But the nightmare continues for Anthony and his friends as they suffer the indignities of trying to find steady work and provide for their families in a flagging economy. As desperation takes hold, Anthony teams up with Skip (Chris Tucker), a drug addict, and Kirby (Keith David), a small-time crook, to pull off a bank heist that will give them all a chance for a better life.

Director: Allen Hughes, Albert Hughes

Writer(s): Allen Hughes, Albert Hughes, Michael Henry Brown

Starring: Larenz Tate, Chris Tucker, Keith David

Estimated budget:

$10 million

U.S. Box office:


Foreign Box office:


Worldwide Sales:


Widest Release:

1,084 Theaters


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