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Blue Streak (1999).jpg

Blue Streak

Action, Comedy  |  1h 33min |  September 17,1999  |  USA

Starring: Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson

Director: Les Mayfield

Writer(s): Michael Berry, John Blumenthal, Stephen Carpenter

When a heist goes wrong, thief Miles (Martin Lawrence) hides a diamond at a construction site before he's arrested. After serving two years, Miles returns to the location of his treasure and finds it is now a police station. Disguising himself as a recently transferred officer to infiltrate the building, Miles stops an escaping thief while trying to retrieve the jewel. Impressed by his quick action, superior Rizzo (Graham Beckel) partners him with the bumbling detective Casey (Luke Wilson).

Box Office

Estimated budget:

$65 million

U.S. Box office:


International Box office:


Worldwide Sales:


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